Women of Witness


Women of Witness focuses on enriching the lives of women by practicing principles of Godly wisdom.

Now meeting at Lakeview Resort near Cheat Lake in Morgantown, WV.

Women of Witness is a tool to help women be all that they were and are created to be. Many of us do not have a mother or a mentor that can tell us what we need to know when we need to know it. This is because either they are non-existent or just don't know. As women, we are not just called to be what we are looking for... that would be "performance" and that's not what God is looking for. We are called to become what we were created to be: confident and pure young women, complete and holy young mothers and wives, fulfilled and facilitating older women and most importantly, to fulfill the call of God upon our lives in every step along the way.

At Women of Witness, we address the relevant questions and pressing issues to which God desires us to have accurate and biblical wisdom. Many women in today's modern world, do not have the time to sift through books, articles and other resources to nurture themselves and navigate the road ahead. Rena has taken the time to first seek God and allow his precious Holy Spirit to lead her to these "right now" resources and to allow him to illuminate what God our Father would have this generation of women to know. Once a month, come educated and get instructions on how you can successfully reach your destiny! Women, know this... you can reach your destiny and yet be the kind of wife, mother, sister and lover that your husband and family not only want to be around, but want to love and cherish! Prepare for marriage or shine as a significant single as you glean from becoming a part of this ministry.

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Current Book for WOW Study:

"The Last Sin Eater" by Francine Rivers 
Presenting in July, August & September

Presentation Assignments:

Chapter 1 - Brenda Waller
Chapter 2 - Cindy Mansberger
Chapter 3 - Donna Kolanko
Chapter 4 - Carol Jones
Chapter 5 - Pastor Shirley Robinson
Chapter 6 - Sandy Shaffer
Chapter 7 - Carmen Gast
Chapter 8 - Carmen Abreu 
Chapter 9 - Lisa Howell
Chapter 10 - Pam Kahler 
Chapter 11 - Claudette Tennant
Chapter 12 - Carolyn Feathers
Chapter 13 - Debbie Rosier
Chapter 14 - Vania
Chapter 15 - Tara Bozek
Chapter 16 - Jessica Reckart
Chapter 17 - Rachel Ware
Chapter 18 - Lisa Madar
Chapter 19 - Sharon Burkes

Upcoming Book for WOW Study:

"Destroying the Spirit of Rejection" by John Eckhardt
Presenting in October, November & December