Fire in the Mountains

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Fire in the Mountains


Mark your calendars: Our youth group is going to Fire in the Mountains North again this year on July 13th and 14th in McHenry, MD! Last year many of our youth experienced the life-changing power of God and we are looking forward to even more impartation this time!

When do we leave?
July 13th at 4pm (Please meet us at 3:30)

Where do we leave from? 
Michael’s parking lot at the Glenmark Center
801 Venture Drive, Morgantown, WV 26508

What should I wear?
This is a casual event and is held indoors in the Ag Building. We recommend dressing in layers so you can adjust for different temperatures. Please also bring clothes or jammies to sleep in at night.

How much money should I have on hand?
We recommend having at least $35 to pay for food and any other money you would like to bring for merchandise (T-shirt, music CD, etc.).

What else should I bring?
We suggest bringing a bag or backpack that you can easily keep with you at all times to store your belongings. We also suggest bringing sunscreen and bug spray. There will also be an outdoor pool at the hotel, so bring your bathing suit and towel if you would like to swim (we may or may not have time to swim or be able to swim because of the weather).

When will we arrive back?
We will probably arrive back after 9pm on Saturday, July 14th. We will text your parents our estimated time of arrival and meet in the same parking lot from which we left.